Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the cost and what are possible hidden charges.

Most residential properties under 2200 sq ft. including sheds & outbuildings average  $250

Most small businesses and larger homes average. $350

Most Resorts & Bed & Breakfasts average. $750

No hidden costs (unless rush service is needed). For this fee, I will shoot the property inside & out in DIGITAL RAW format. I will usually shoot approx 125 photos. I will pull the best of the best, and fully edit and convert the raw files to user friendly JPG format. You will receive approximately 31 photos to choose from for your needs. You may use as many or as little as you like. At this point they are all yours to use as you see fit.  I can deliver the final photos on a usb drive, or on a shared website ie: DropBox, which ever works best for you. Please feel free to ask any questions you like. My service is pretty straight forward,

Here is my disclaimer…Note: I am not in favor of photoshop misrepresentations of a property. I take pride in editing what I shoot & in delivering realistic images. A buyer deserves the respect of seeing photos that are true & an exact depiction of the property. Nothing worse that a mad buyer saying (and im sure you heard it before) – “this looks nothing like the photographs” & you loose a sale.  We all have seen a picture of a room that looks huge from a poorly used panoramic cell phone only to be disappointed in person. I will make the property look its best and from an eyes true perspective. It is the right way to do business.


I am listing a home or business for sale. How long do I have to wait to get about 31 nice photos so I can get this property listed asap.

Depending on demand and possible scheduling conflicts, I can usually shoot the property the next business day & have your fully edited photos ready for your listing with in 24-48 hours after shooting. Rush service is always available.

I have been using my cell phone camera, why should I use professional photography ?

Cell phone pictures usually look like cell phone pictures. They may look fine to you- but most likely they are not. Photographs are a great way to cherish a memory of a personal item, custom car, airplane, document personal property or a home or business.  Spending a little extra time & money can net you huge returns. Nice photography draws attention & is memorable. Everyone wants that extra edge. For the little investment- a nice set of photographs may net you more money or a faster sale as it will draw and keep more attention to your listing & separate your listing from thousands of others.

Do you use drone pictures?

  •  I do not use a drone for a variety of reasons including: neighbor privacy, insurance, and misrepresentation of property (as no one would never see the property from that angle). But if you want to include a Drone shot, many kids have drones & would take a few outside pictures for you at little or no cost.
  • If you decide to pay someone for drone photos, be aware as since you are paying for the service- that also can make you liable.
  • Photo Drones can be purchased online for as little as $200. Use caution. when considering paying for “Professional drone photos”.